The J & S Junk Car Buyers Difference



We know you have many options when you start your search for someone to buy your junk car in the Chicagoland area and it can be tough to figure out who your best choice is because we all say virtually the same thing, “Top Dollar”,  “Free Towing” “Nobody Pays More”.

We can’t make the decision for you but we can do something that most of these junk car buyers don’t do. We can explain why we’re able to pay you more.

Our Story

We’ve assembled a small team of highly capable auto mechanics and tail-busting tow truck drivers who know their way around automobiles like few others in Chicagoland.

Instead of relying predominately on the price of scrap metal for determining the price that you’ll be paid for your junk car we’re able to factor in the value of parts & equipment and the possibility of our ultra-capable mechanics to get the car in solid running condition.

Many cars that wouldn’t be worth the expense for you to repair or part out are right in our wheelhouse, these junk cars are more valuable to us than they are to the 99% of junk car buyers who are just going to turn around and scrap it for the metal.

More value to us means more value to you and this is why we can boldy claim that noone in the Aurora – Naperville area or all Chicagoland will pay you more for your junk car.