Auto Wreckers

Auto Wreckers in Aurora IL


Thanks in large part to one of Chicago’s most iconic television commercials, many Chicagoans will look up auto wreckers in Aurora, Il or which ever Chicago suburb they’re in when they’re ready to sell their junk car.

No matter what you want to call us, an auto wrecker, a junk car buyer or auto recycler, one thing is certain. No other auto wrecker, auto salvage, junkyard or junk car buyer will pay you more cash for your junk car than we will.

In addition we make the whole process push-button simple from start to finish. Call us, we bring you cash, we tow away your junk car for free.

Why We Pay More Cash Than Other Auto Wreckers in Aurora, IL

Many vehicle owners want to know why we pay more cash than other auto wreckers in Aurora, IL and even all Chicagoland. It’s really pretty simple when you break it down.

We’re a small tail-bustin group of local mechanics and tow truck drivers that love working on cars and don’t shy away from work.

We can make better use of your car than 99% of the auto wreckers out there. Whether it’s salvaging the parts or putting your beast back together again, we have the team that enjoys doing it.

This means that not every car we buy will go to the junkyard to be turned into scrap metal. Some of them will be more profitable, allowing us to pay out more on each and every junk we buy.

Call the auto wreckers in Aurora, IL today to find out how much more we can pay you.




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